Exploring Non-Ordinary Realms 

(this 2 hr course is a pre-req for participation in the Modern Day Mystics Circle)

Duluth Hub, 1001 East 9th Street

Tuition, $60

Dates Offered:

March 3rd, 2-4 pm

May 1st, 6-8 pm

July 2nd, 6-8 pm

Oct 1st, 6-8 pm

Several years ago one of my teachers, Sandra Ingerman, shared a powerful story with our class. She was talking about a world gathering of Shamans that she and some of her colleagues attended. One was quite moved by the presence of so many Elders from diverse corners of the world. He carried a perception that they were poorer and less resourced and he really wanted to be in service. He approached the mic and said, "Elders, we have so much available to us in the U.S., what, if anything, can we share with you? How can we be in service?" One of the ancient ones raised his hand to have the mic brought to him. He held it and paused, looking down. Then he looked up at the man and said, "Change the Dream". Change the Dream friends. Many Spiritual traditions invite us to contemplate what we call "reality" as being illusion. This illusion or "Maya" is manifested into physicality by our thought forms. Others share that what we dream becomes our reality and that we have the potential to create, heal, vision and dream with the aid of helpers that are available to us in hidden realms, other worlds (Celtic) or non- ordinary realms. Australian Aboriginals call these realms the dreamtime. Sandra Ingerman calls them parallel universes. My experience has me curious. I am sensing that what we call non-ordinary realms, are really other worlds that co-exist with ours in parallel universes. So they are only non-ordinary to us that are living in the Maya or illusion. Perhaps we are visiting ordinary realms and our illusion is the non ordinary. We just call it that because we have forgotten who, what and why we are-our interconnectedness with all of creation.

If we want to change the dream it seems we need to wake up from what we are dreaming. Exploring these other worlds can help us do that. How do we do that? We begin by creating a safe container for doing so, setting our intention, shifting our consciousness (no psychedelics required;), coming into heart coherence, and travel with our Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides. We will explore this practice together and bring to it appreciation, presence, deep listening, and connecting with our senses.

Modern Day Mystics Circle

(Exploring Non-Ordinary Realms is a pre-req for this Circle)

Duluth Hub, 1001 East 9th Street

3rd Sundays of the month from 2-4 pm *please note April date change due to Easter.

3rd Wednesdays of the month June-September 6-8 pm

3/17, *4/28, 5/19, 6/19, 7/17, 8/21, 9/18, 10/20, 11/17, 12/15

Going Elemental! Nine months of Elemental Exploration 

First Saturday of the month May 2019 and October 2019-May 2020. 

First Wednesdays of the month June-July

No meeting in August and November of 2019

Elemental Explorations are $90 each

Participants need to pre-register so ample space and materials for ceremony are appropriately prepared. Thank you!

Location details will be posted by January 31st- I can't wait for this series- It is going to be so much fun!!!!! 

May 4th: Water on the New Moon, 9-noon

June 5th: Fire, 6-9 pm

July 3rd: Wood, 6-9 pm

No meeting in August

September 23rd: Autumnal Equinox Ceremony, 6-8 pm (tuition exchange- your presence in a state of appreciation) 

October 5th: Air, 9-noon

No meeting in November

December 7th: Ether, 9-noon

January 4th, 2020: Metal, 9-noon

February 1st, 2020: Sound, 9-noon

April 4th, 2020: Earth, 9-noon

May 2nd, 2020: Stars, TBA

Water Element on a New Moon: Water Elemental information will be shared. We will practice being present, in a state of appreciation, with this Element in our bodies. Grandmother Moon is often associated with the Element of Water. The New Moon is a potent time for planting the seeds of our dreams, visioning, tuning in..We will move in appreciation and receptivity with the water within, the beautiful water being that blesses us here, Lake Superior and Grandmother Moon. Space will be created for planting the seeds of our dreams. We will journey with our Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides (you don't need to know who they are to intend that;)) to the Spirit of Lake Superior with the intent to share appreciation and receive guidance from her in how you can strengthen your relationship and connection with her. There will be quiet time for journaling and reflection. 

Fire Element Exploration: Fire Elemental information will be shared. We will practice being present with, communicating and expressing appreciation with the Fire Element in our bodies. We will journey with our Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides to the Elemental Deva of Fire with the intent to share appreciation and receive guidance on how we can deepen our relationship and connection with this being. There will be quiet time for journaling and reflection. Our evening will conclude with a Fire appreciation ceremony outside.  

Wood Element Exploration: Wood Elemental information will be shared. We will practice being present with, communicating and expressing appreciation with the Wood Element in our bodies. We will journey to meet a Tree Being that has a message for you, wisdom or healing energy to share. We will ask for guidance in how you can be in relationship with this Tree Being. There will be quiet time for journaling and reflection. Space will be created for gifting and communicating with the Trees outside. 


Tending the Garden of our Hearts with Mother Earth

Friday May 10th, 5 pm - Saturday May 11th, 5 pm  

Tuition $180 includes lodging, 3 meals, snacks and experiences

Location TBA

registration opens January 25th and closes April 24th

Join us during Mother’s Day weekend in exploring and deepening our relationship with Mother Earth. We will engage with practices that support deeper listening and connecting with the Elements both within and out in Nature. Our exploration will include working with the Elements in our body to restore balance and harmony and prepare the garden of our hearts for planting the seeds of a dream, idea or intent. We will presence with and tend to the needs of our inner landscape, nourish seeds that have already been planted, and create space for more growth. Our immersion will close with a guided journey to Mother Earth where we will share our love and appreciation with her and receive personal information, insights, guidance and nourishment. A delicious dinner will be shared Friday evening. Breakfast, Lunch, and refreshments will be shared on Saturday. We will be walking short distances outside on Friday evening and on Saturday. The Sauna will be fired up on Friday night for those wanting to deepen your cleanse after our hike or you can sit by the fire in quiet reflection. 

Exploring Self and Interconnectivity

September 27th-29th, 2019

Location and registration coming soon!

Do you desire to build community with like hearted people in a beautiful natural setting? Are you interested in exploring the vast landscape within? Perhaps you are ready to let go of old patterns and call in the new. If these inquiries speak to you, please join us for an incredible weekend immersion as we explore our inner radiance, whole selves and interconnectivity through play, relaxation, restoration, being in ceremony, and in deepening relationship with Self, Community, Earth and Spirit. 

Please contact Erin DeWitt 218-341-3411 with any questions

Immersion offered by Conscious Living, Mickelson Consulting and River Bottom Resources. 

Approaching Self-Care as a Form of Radical Activism

Duluth Hub, November 13th, 6-9 pm, $60 

registration opens September 1st and closes November 6th

How do we continue to show up and give voice to the things that are important to us if we are depleted? What can we do in the face of hopelessness and exhaustion? Where are we on the list of things that are important to us? How can taking care of Self be a form of Radical Activism?

Join us as we explore these inquiries from an energetic perspective. We will take a look at the body electric, learn about the science of the heart and the power of thought, experience heart coherence and practice some energy exercises to support us in healthfully releasing anger and fear, feeling grounded, balanced, energized and centered.