I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and support others in healing themselves. Our bodies have an innate intelligence and when given the opportunity they will bring themselves into alignment. As a healing arts practitioner, I support my clients in creating balance within~ listening to their inner orchestra and helping them to fine tune any instruments that aren’t in synch with the rest. Once balance is achieved within, our outside world will begin to reflect balance as well. I help clients in forming their intentions for healing while exploring the power of their thoughts and words. The client is the healer; I am simply the facilitator.

I am trained as a Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing and Reconnection Pracitioner, and as a Sound Healing Practitoner. When I am with a client, I set the intention that they receive what they need for their greatest good in this moment. Then I get out of the way and ask the client to do the same~ to be in a state of expectancy without expectation. I listen to their body, to their energies, follow guidance from Spirit and pull from my toolbox whatever is being called for. I have never had a session that was identical to another. Each of us are unique and my healing sessions reflect that. I bring my complete tool box to balancing sessions with clients. 

Over the years I have had clients ask, "Can I just get together and chat with you? I have so many questions. I want to tap into your wisdom and experiences. You are such a helpful guide". In 2014, I added "Chats with Erin" as a session option. These have mostly been for Spiritual Guidance and to go deeper into listening and sharing tools that I often introduce into balancing/healing sessions. We begin the chat by discussing the pondering you are focused upon or other intentions and if there is still time left over at the end of the session, you get on the table for some energy work.

Since 2001, I have been Journeying as a means of communicating with my Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides. This is such a powerful practice! I receive so much love, guidance, connection with my inner wisdom and radiance, and clarity from my Spiritual Peeps, the unseens. This practice started showing up when I was guiding groups and clients, but I wasn't identifying the practice as Journeying. We called it meditation. I decided to learn more about Journeying. In 2015 I participated in a 19 week course with Sandra Ingerman on Shamanic Journeying. There were so many synchronicities. The day before each class, I would journey and write about my experience. On the next day Sandra would begin by sharing what we would be intending for our journey that eve and it was the same intent that I had held in my journey the day before- every single time! My journeys began getting clearer and quiet frankly, more intense! Intense in a good way;). I realized that this is a path I have walked before and am being invited to walk again. It is a process of Re-Membering. I am now offering clients Messages from Spirit

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