Although I am not directly connected or involved in these initiatives, I think they are pretty cool. So, check them out! Something missing? Don't fret- I'm human and let's face it- we live in a progressive community, there is a bunch of good stuff happening. Let me know!

Forging Communities

Sepp Holzer-Style Permaculture/Spirit Mountain Design Course  (this workshop has passed, but there is another coming in April. Contact Chad- pretty darn AWESOME!)

Sustainable Twin Ports

Sustainable Farmers Association- People, love your farmers! We need them:)

Duluth Grill- They walk their talk and make some yummy food in the process

Spirit of the Lake Community School

Duluth Music Resource Center ~ Crystal Pelky is a leader in this community and my fellow hug merchant. Check out what she is co-creating for young musicians in our region.

Music at Beaner's Central Coffeehouse - Owner Jason Wussow is an incredible asset to all musicians in this community~ I'm especially grateful to his mentoring of the young aspiring folk. 

Laughingstock Design ~ I know, not really an initiative, but like me- they are often so involved in the community that it is amazing they do anything "in house"! Their clothing does make you happier and I believe when you are happier you change the world, so, check it out! 

Cloud Cult  Okay, so these guys aren't really an initiative either- but they are a really great creative band from my hometown raising consicousness. Check them out! Their 2013 release LOVE, says it all. 

Wookiefoot Another great band doing amazing things for humanity and the planet- encouraging us to awaken and share the love. Check out their "Be the Change" project, okay its not really a project to them. It is a way of life. But, they are providing ways for you to be in service too. You can make donations to some pretty incredible initiatives and organizations that are helping people around the Earth. Portions of their gig proceeds also go to this project fund.