Although I am not directly connected to or involved in all of these initiatives, I think they are pretty cool. So, check them out! Something missing? Don't fret- I'm human and let's face it- we live in a progressive community, there is a bunch of good stuff happening. Let me know!

Duluth for Clean Water

Duluth Folk School 

Forging Communities

Spirit Wellness Connection

Duluth Spiritual Connections

Loaves and Fishes

Sound Journeying Meditations

Wellness Renaissance Podcasts that connect you to cool local peeps and such

Dr. Lara Hill DC

Sustainable Twin Ports

Sustainable Farmers Association- People, love your farmers! We need them:)

Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community

Community Action Duluth

Spirit of the Lake Community School

Duluth Music Resource Center ~  Check out what these folks are co-creating for young musicians in our region.

Herbalists Without Borders