Shamanic Divination

Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the "invisible worlds" beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for change in any area of your life~ from spirituality and health to work and relationships. ~ Sandra Ingerman

I personally practice Shamanic Journeying as a means of communicating with my Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides. This is such a powerful practice! I have been getting to know my helpers in this way since 2007. I receive so much love, guidance, connection with my inner wisdom and radiance, and clarity from my Spiritual Peeps, the unseens. My ability to discern Universal Truth and to trust the information that I receive has evolved as a result of my journeying experiences. Over the years, the practice of journeying began flowing into my work with groups and clients but I was practicing without really knowing that what i was doing was commonly referred to as Shamanic Journeying. It was simply the way I was living life. I decided to learn more about it. In 2015 I participated in a 19 week course with Sandra Ingerman on Shamanic Journeying. It was a beautiful and familiar experience. The practice of journeying daily increased my awareness in both journey time and in life outside the journey. They began getting clearer and quite frankly, more intense! Through several journey experiences in that course and through divinations and healing work with clients, I realized that this is a path I have walked before and I am being called to share that wisdom again. 

I am offering Shamanic Divinations where I journey on your behalf to speak with your Compassionate Helping Spirits and Guides for revelation of information regarding 2 questions that you have been pondering about in your life. Perhaps you are wondering about a health condition and what would support you in feeling well or where you may be called to move or how you could shift your perspective in a relationship you are struggling with (all divination journey focus is on you, not the other person in the relationship). It's pretty infinite really, how we can engage with Spirit in the unseen realms for support in this one. But head's up, if you are asking, then be prepared to receive, listen and take action!

Tuition exchange is $65. Once you have paid, paypal will redirect you to my website to a page that provides the opportunity to submit your 1-2 questions. If for some reason you are not redirected, please simply email me your 1-2 questions 

You will receive a voice recorded memo from me with the divination information I received via email or text within 48 hours of the time you submit your questions. The session is shared remotely, we do not meet. Thank you!