Stand for Humanity

"We are the ones that we have been waiting for..." Hopi Prophecy

There are Love Monks on the loose in Duluth, MN! I don't know when we will come forward or how we will do so. But, we are here and we are conscious and WE LOVE YOU! All of you! 

We kicked off our campaign in partnership with Drew Anderson, a Love Monk, at Beaner's Central in Duluth, MN. Over 75 people came together in heart coherence, learned how love transforms us on the inside and when we transform on the inside- we change the world outside of us. Drew Anderson, Jodi Christensen and I spoke on the power of our thoughts and words and how they create our reality. Kristy NurJehan Marie O'Neil led us in a Stand for Humanity chant with Eric Bong on the drums and Ian Kimmer on guitar. It was so very beautiful- completely co-created by community! 

Check out the video below of the Love Monks chanting at Deep Peace Wellness Studio and in front of Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe!

We also brought our message to the main stage and tent stage during the 2nd Annual Twin Ports Bridge Fest. We will continue to bring our message forward at events and via social networks- invite us and we will come. Will you join us?