Hello, my name is Erin DeWitt, nice to meet you!

Here's the place where I go existential on you. Who am I you ask? 

I AM: joy, peace, love, light, abundance, water woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, evolutionary, change maker, teacher, student, singer, dancer, writer, creative being, lover of life, tree hugger, film maker, organizer, mover and shaker, spiritual being. I AM this and more. 

What have I learned along the way that I share with you via Conscious Living?

In 2006, I left a rewarding and challenging career as the Facilitator of a coalition that served 12 youth serving agencies (I loved it and was really good at it- not bragging- just sayin!) and began my journey in the healing arts with Reiki. That decision changed my life. The community scratched their heads- I even scratched my head. But, I trusted and my business grew. I went on to train with William Rand, Director of the International Reiki Training Center, to become a Reiki Master Teacher. I have been teaching Reiki for over ten years. My favorite part of teaching is to bear witness as students come into their own and realize their ability to heal themselves and support others in doing the same. I thrive on empowering people on their healing journey. It gives me great joy. Teaching Reiki has been an incredible part of my journey and has shaped me in many powerful ways.

My own desire for continued transformation and growth led me to The Reconnection┬«.  I feel that this work was so liberating and I enjoyed my role of being present, playful and observant while marveling at the healing that unfolded for my clients. My practice really shifted as a result. So did my frequency. My Reiki students shared that the energy felt different after I experienced The Reconnection. They called it "Super Charged Reiki". 

In 2010, I attended a 9 day Sound Healing Intensive with Jonathan Goldman and 90 other sound healers from around the world. The experience deepened my personal practice and the meditations I bring forth for my students, workshops, healing circles and some clients. I continue to explore the rich territory and healing power of the words we speak and think and the sounds we make. Experimenting with amplifying and empowering our intentions with sacred sound. I am a member of the Sound Healers Association.

I am also a student of Craig Hamilton and Barbara Marx Hubbard. In 2010, I completed a 9 week Integral Enlightenment: Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life course with Craig. Upon completion of that course, I participated for 4 months in Craig's Living on the Edge of Evolution Graduate Community program. In 2016, I participated in Craig's 12 week Direct Awakening Meditation Course. It has provided me with great insight and tools for assisting folks in their intent to connect with that part of them that is already enlightened. I am currently participating in Craig's 12 month Membership Program.

In 2012, I graduated from Barbara Marx Hubbard's 12 week Agents of Conscious Evolution Training (ACE program). I am moved by the incredible global community that is saying "yes" to being causal in their process of evolution. Evolution by choice not chance! We are becoming Universal Humans and this is really EXCITING!  

I co-created community healing circles  with some pretty wonderful healing arts practitioners where community members come together and receive free healing sessions on every second Saturday of the month from October-May. We have been offering these for five years.

I served for 4 years on the planning committee for the Grandmothers Gathering for Gitchigaaming (Lake Superior). I worked with an incredible group of women. Together we practiced Peer Spirit Circling , co-facilitated circling at the gathering and lead large circle ceremonies. Lorraine Norrgard, Dan Fitzpatrick of Hibernia Productions and I created 2 films for Grandmothers Gathering for Gitchigaaming (Lake Superior). The films share wisdom from elder women in relation to the water and their experience being in ceremony with the water and women for 4 days.

In May 2015 I completed a 19 week immersion on Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing with Sandra Ingerman through the Shift Network. It profoundly deepened my connection with Spirit and my work has again evolved as a result. Some clients are experiencing past life regressions, deep lineage wound healing and meeting their compassionate helping Spirit Guides during balancing sessions and guided meditations! I offer virtual Messages from Spirit for clients where I connect with their helpers and inquire on their behalf about an issue, question, or information that wants to be shared at this time. I am humbled by what comes through and the responses I receive from clients. 

I completed a 7 month Energy Medicine Course with Cyndi Dale at Normandale College, 2015-16. 

In 2017 I completed Mindful Educator Essentials and Navigating Difficult Emotions with Mindful Schools. I also completed the 7 week Power of Awareness course with Jack Cornfield and Tara Brach and was accepted into the two year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training through Berkley Good Science Center. In 2018 I completed the Influencer's Masterclass with Dr. Jean Houston and Dr. Claire Zammit. 

I thrive on engaging community in thoughtful conversation inspired by films, books, studies, individual and group experiences.

I am an Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church and can perform weddings, baptisms and transition of life ceremonies. I have participated in the co-creation of water ceremonies around the world.

I currently share space with Dr. Shannon May at Nourish Natural Health in the Duluth Hub on 1001 East 9th Street in Duluth. 

I live on the shores of Gitchigaaming in Duluth, MN with my husband and two children. They are my greatest teachers and a source of inspiration and growth for me. 

Presentation/Workshop Vitae:

I offer Interactive Explorations, workshops on Sound Healing, Self-Care, Power of Intention, Conscious Living, and Mindfulness Meditation for individual participation, organizations and businesses. I also teach Reiki and offer weekend immersions.

  • Co-Facilitated the C.A.E.E.P. Teacher In-service Day, August, 2019
  • Co-Facilitated the 2nd Annual Restorative Practices in Schools and Communities Conference, June 2019
  • Podcast Panel Interview with Wellness Renaissance, May 2019
  • Presented Exploring the Unknown: Tapping into the Infinite Field of Pure Potential at Spirit and Wellness Connection, May 18th 2019
  • Featured in the Duluth News Tribune February 10th, 2019
  • Co-presented Embodying the Essence of Circle in Daily Life, 2018 International Conference on Restorative Practices, August 2018
  • Co-Created the Restorative Practices in Schools Conference, June 2018
  • Presented The Spiritual Practice of Being a Wellness Practitioner, UMD Women's Spirituality Class, April 2018
  • Presented Pause and Effect: An Introduction to and Experience of Mindfulness and Energy Medicine Tools that Support Resiliency, Well Being and Effectiveness in the Workplace, MN Department of Corrections, March 2018
  • Facilitated a Whole School Assembly on Showing Up As Your Best Self, Cloquet Area Alternative Education Program, 2017
  • Facilitated Teacher In-Service on Self-Care Tools for Navigating and Appreciating the Intensity of Being Human, Hinckley-Finlayson Alternative School, 2017
  • Facilitated Teacher In-Service on Self-Care Tools for Navigating and Appreciating the Intensity of Being Human, Cloquet Area Alternative Education Program, 2017
  • Facilitated Self-Care as a Radical Form of Activism, EdVisions Off Campus School, 2017
  • Co-facilitated a water ceremony in Costa Rica, 2017
  • Facilitated private wedding ceremonies, 2017
  • Participated in a Collaborative Inquiry research project to determine a Shared Purpose Message for the City of Duluth, 2016
  • Created and facilitated 4 private ceremonies for clients and their families, 2016
  • Podcast about Reiki and the Power of Intent in Healing with Wellness Renaissance, 2016
  • Facilitated a Radiance Immersion Weekend at Camp Amnicon, 2016
  • Obtained Credentials of Ministry through Universal Life Church to officiate weddings, funerals and baptisms, 10/2015
  • Became a CE provider for Nurses and Health Care Professionals through Essentia Health Center 5/2015
  • Offered Reiki sessions and spot Reiki conversations during National Nurses Week at Essentia Health Center, 5/2015
  • Presented on the Power of Intention at the Lake Superior InterFaith Church 3/2015
  • Co-facilitated monthly Intenders Circles, 12/2014-4/2015
  • Presented Bana Kuma, the practice of conscious creating, to the University of Minnesota, Duluth Health and Human Services Clinic staff 3/2014
  • Twin Ports Bridge Festival Radio Interviews with KUMD's Northland Morning and KOJB's Big Sea Shining Water Program- discussing the power of our thoughts, water appreciation and stewardship 7/2013
  • Speaker at the 3rd Annual Twin Ports Bridge Festival 7/6/2013
  • Presented "The Harmonics of Being"  at the Lake Superior Interfaith Church on 4/28/2013
  • Presented "New Science on Healing" at the MN State Mental Health Conference in 2012 
  • Presented "A Balanced Approach: Creating the life you want to live" for half day DRCC employee inservice in 2012
  • Presented The New Science on Healing at the St. Louis County Health & Human Services Conference in 2010 and 2011 
  • Presented "The Mind-Body Connection" with Gary Anderson for DRCC full day employee Inservice in 2011
  • Keynote speaker for the Edge Life Healing Arts Expo at the Duluth Entertainment Center in 2009 (Reconnective Healing) and 2010 (Grandmothers Gathering Wisdom). 
  • Co-organized and presented on Reconnective Healing at the Duluth Health & Wellness Symposium, 2009
  • Presented on Reconnective Healing at the Interfaith Church, 2009
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