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Intending into Being Introduction

Reclaiming our Power through Expression with Intention

Intending into Being Introduction

This is a free introduction to a more in-depth Intending into Being Course where we explore and practice the art of intention setting. That course will be offered live online in November 2023.

In this video Erin shares: the basic process of Intention setting, how being conscious of and causal in your intention setting can change your life, how language and thought give power to intention, and a short meditation that supports us in noticing our self talk. Erin was in a workshop once where a student shared, "Be mindful of your self talk, it is a conversation with the Universe." We are often unaware of the stories that are on auto-play in our body, heart, and mind. Noticing helps us to recognize what parts of us are needing to be seen/heard/healed and that helps us to shape our intentions in a more supportive way.

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