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Vagus Nerve Exercises

Simple, Accessible Energy Exercises to Strengthen the Vagus Nerve

Vagus Nerve Exercises

Vagus translates from Latin to wanderer. The vagus nerve is called the wandering nerve. It is the longest cranial nerve in the body. Traveling from the brain, through the brain stem, neck, thorax, and down to the abdomen. The Vagus nerve provides a direct pathway from the gut to the brain. It helps regulate the automatic systems of your body such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, hormones and digestion. It also regulates our flight, fight or freeze reactions which affect our anxiety levels and ability to handle emotional and physical stressors.

If the vagus nerve is not functioning correctly due to stress and other issues there may be a greater risk for gastrointestinal issues, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Low vagal tone has been associated with several gastrointestinal and neurological conditions such as IBS, colitis, chrohn's, heart disease, depression, anxiety, ptsd, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, metabolic disorders, epilepsy and Parkinson’s. There is research out there now that demonstrates the vagus nerve has a memory and it can store traumas.

These simple exercises support us in strengthening the tonality of our vagus nerve. Nourishing our vagus nerve helps us regulate our nervous system and create a pathway for healing.

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